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Welcome a New You Mar 04, 2019 • 5 min read

Every organization in the world adheres to a plan. This plan tracks all the tasks that the employees have accomplished and the pending tasks that need to be worked on. This keeps the entire business organized and coordinated. Through the clear definition of goals, employees remain well-aware of what they can do to contribute to such success. Similarly, every individual should also strive to be organized. Like any organization, each individual like you has your own set of goals that you want to achieve. Given such, it is important that you plan everything out so you can attain them. To help you out, you can categorize your plans through the following aspects.


Work is work. You work not just for the sake of earning money, you work because you want to achieve something in life. It can be to move up in the corporate ladder or to be the number one organization in your chosen industry. It can be anything that is work-related. Whatever your goal may be, it is important to list it down. After which, you should identify the possible ways that you can do to achieve such goals. Create a long list of checklists that will guide you in every life decision. Set a timeline. As time goes by, strike out those that you have accomplished. Through this, you can monitor your progress and adjust those that are necessary. 

Wellness and Fitness

In this aspect, one common goal is to be healthy and be fit. To do so, one important thing to develop is diet plans. Being healthy and being fit does not require you to stop eating. Instead, you only need to eat the right food. For example, instead of drinking sugary beverages, you should go for water instead as sugar can only make you fat. In your plan, enumerate those that you should only eat and indicate the corresponding calorie count of each food. Apart from the food diet, you should also monitor your physical movements. The path to wellness and fitness require the conduct of regular exercises. Keep in mind that a healthy living entails an active lifestyle. Using your plan, take note of your exercise schedule. This will allow you to track your progress in terms of food intake and exercise plans. 

Family and Love

As the famous saying goes, No man is an island, you should keep in mind that you cannot just live on your own and abandon your family. The family is the fundamental component of a society. Family is home. Family is love. Despite all the challenges that come your way, you should always remember that with your family, you have a home that you can always go into. As you enumerate your career and fitness and wellness plans, you should also create one for your family. Strengthen the bond by initiating quality moments. It can be as simple as a family lunch or board game activity, or as grand as a beach outing in the Maldives. Although the work schedule may be taking up most of your time, there is no valid excuse for not seeing your family. Do everything you can to always fit your family in your schedule. At the end of the day, the family will always be family; hence, always make sure that you and your family are enjoying, and that you are spending quality time together. 

With all these plans laid out, you will not have a hard time making decisions and creating a pathway to success. Indeed, being organized truly helps in achieving your life goals.

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