Top 10 Technologies To Look For In 2018

Have a look at the technologies that will change the way we live and for years to come. May 15, 2018 • 5 min read


3-D Metal Printing: Once remained largely in the domain of hobbyists and designers, now 3-D printers can make metal objects quickly and cheaply. The technology can be helpful in creating lighter, stronger parts, and complex shapes. In short term, manufacturers wouldn’t need to maintain large inventories as they could simply print an object, such as replacement part of any car, whenever someone is in need. In the longer term, large factories that mass produce a limited range of parts might be replaced by smaller ones that make a wider variety, adapting to customer’s changing needs.


Artificial Embryos: At the University of Cambridge in the UK, scientists are successful in growing realistic looking mouse embryos without using eggs or sperm cells. Researchers have made embryo-like structures from stem cells alone, providing a whole new route to creating life. With the help of Artificial Intelligence, artificial embryos will make it easier for researchers to study the mysterious beginnings of a human life.


Sensing City: Alphabet’s Sidewalk Labs is collaborating with the Canadian government on the high-tech project, slated for Toronto’s industrial waterfront. The main goal is to base decisions about design, policy and technology on information from an extensive network of sensors that gather data on everything from air quality to noise level to people’s activities. Smart cities could make urban areas more affordable, livable, and environmentally friendly.


AI for Everybody: For small startups, AI systems are too expensive and too difficult to implement fully. For this cloud-based AI is making the technology cheaper and easier to use. Right now the user of AI is dominated by a relatively few companies, but ad a cloud-based service, it could be widely available to many more, giving the economy a boost.


Duelling Neural Networks: AI can find which one is the image of a pedestrian crossing a street in thousands of pictures but what it lacks is in actually generating the images of pedestrian crossing a street. The problem is, creating something entirely new requires imagination and until now it has not been achieved yet. This problem can be solved if two AI systems can fight with each other to create ultra-realistic original images or sounds. This gives machines something akin to a sense of imagination, which may help them become less reliant on humans-but also turns them into alarmingly powerful tools for digital fakery.


Babel-Fish Earbuds: Google has developed pixel buds that do the near-real-time translation for a large number of languages and is easy to use. In an increasingly global world, language is still a barrier to communication so to solve this Google and Baidu are playing the key role.


Genetic Fortune-Telling: Scientist can now use the genome of human beings to predict your chances of getting heart diseases or breast cancer, and even your IQ. DNA-based predictions could be the next great public health advance but they will increase the risk of genetic discrimination.


Materials’ Quantum Leap: IBM has simulated the electronic structure of a small molecule, using a seven-qubit quantum computer. Understanding molecules in exact detail will allow chemists to design more effective drugs and better materials for generating and distributing energy.


Perfect Online Privacy: Computer scientists are perfecting a cryptographic tool for proving something without revealing the information underlying the proof. If you need to disclose personal information to get something done online, it will be easier to do so without risking your privacy or exposing yourself to identity theft.


Zero-Carbon Natural Gas: A power plant efficiently and cheaply captures carbon released by burning natural gas, avoiding greenhouse-gas emissions.

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    As silly as some of them sound, I'm actually pretty excited and looking forward to what all this technology will bring us

    5 months ago
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    I'm sure I'm not the only one excited about all this coming on 2018

    5 months ago

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