Advantages of Robotic Warehouse Automation Systems

Robotic Warehouse Automation Systems Jul 09, 2018 • 5 min read

The economy today, demands a continuous supply of industrial goods to supplement the rising needs. As a result of the increasing industrial demand from the market, the industries have to speed up their process of order accomplishment to stay ahead in the competition. For real-time order accomplishment, it is necessary for the sectors to deliver their industrial products efficiently. The only possible alternative for achieving the real-time order fulfilment is automating the warehouses.

Robotic Warehouse Automation Systems consist of automated and regulated storage facilities. In addition to the storage facilities, product retrieval systems play an essential role in accomplishing the definition of warehouse automation. However, it ultimately lies on the industries about choosing and opting the best service provider in the market. 

Talking about the Robotic warehouse automation systems, here are few of the advantages which gives the leading edge to the automated industries.

Goods-to-person technology: All the modern robotic warehouse systems are enriched with the essence of goods-to-person technology. The goods-to-person technology is driven by decision science mechanism and aids in regulating the warehouse workflow. When the workflow of the warehouse is streamlined, it ultimately results in increasing the output efficiency. Once the output efficiency of the industries increases, the industries gets a competitive edge to outshine others in the long run. Thus, decision science driven goods-to-person technology enhances the business ranking in the market. 

Modular System Architecture: Majority of the robotic warehouse systems incorporates the automated robots. The automated robots are built with modular system architecture. The presence of modular system architecture imparts the feature of scalability in both directions. This feature, in turn, gives rise to increasing efficiency and time reduction.

Productivity: On account of the inclusion of automated robots and warehouse sorting system, the industrial productivity increases beyond expectations. The automated warehouses are now optimized with increased productivity and hence timely meet the market demand. The rise in productivity further facilitates to reduce the overall operational cost. As a result, product retrieval and order fulfilment accomplish smoothly and efficiently. 

Adaptability to changing inventory: The business inventory profiling keeps on changing. Hence it becomes the need of the hour for the businesses to stay updated with the market and incorporate these changing inventories. Modern Robotic warehouse automation systems facilitate the client warehouses to adjust and adapt as per the changing business inventory. This adaptability feature promotes the industries for the automated put away, storage of stock, replenishment of orders and picking orders. 

Business Continuity: Warehouse automation processes help the business with its continuity. By continuity it means, automated warehouses stay functional throughout the 24 hours of the day. This eliminates the hustles of business emergencies. Automated warehouses are 99 percent available. IT helps the warehouses in generating a lesser quantity of wastes. As the waste generation is reduced, in turn, it helps to maximize horizontal space availability. With reduced waste generation, the warehouse complexities get reduced to a greater extent. 

These are few advantages of robotic warehouse systems over their traditional counterparts. 

Robotic warehouse automation is the best therapy for enhancing business agility with improved speed and accuracy.  

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    Great article! I had no idea regarding what they even were before reading this. Very interesting

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