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Stowe Boyd

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What motivated you

I wanted to write an 'e-newsletter'. 'Blogging' wasn't really a term in use then. It was called Message from Edge City. I kept the 'Message' name for some time, then it changed to Timing and then became Get Real for a few years. A few years ago I dropped all of that and just blogged as At least until I started work on Work Futures, first at Medium, and now moved over to Substack.

Tell us your typical day and routine

I get up early, usually 4am or 5am, read the papers and drink coffee, making notes and planning my day. I avoid meetings or calls in the morning because that's when do my best writing. I write and do research most of the day, trying to push human interaction into a few hours at the end of the afternoon. I try to take a walk or two everyday, even when the weather's bad. I like to cook. We're doing various sorts of Chinese, based on books from Fuschia Dunlop. Usually watch a movie or read in the evening, or go out for live music with friends.

What are your future goals?

I'm writing a book, and have others planned. And I am trying to shift Work Futures into being a non-profit educational and research organization. The book is based on a longish post, 10 Work Skills for the Postnormal Era (

How have you attracted readers and grown your following?

Mostly just the writing itself, and tweeting about it. Tumblr featured me as a leading tech writer for a few years which led to me having over 160,000 followers there. And on Medium, I was often a lead writer in economics, leadership, and tech, which led to Work Futures getting 20,000 or so readers. So, word of mouth, I guess.

What have been your biggest obstacles?

I don't really feel like there are obstacles blocking me, per se. Except maybe my own tendencies to change publishing platforms. So far I have blogged on Convey, Blogger, Movable Type, RedMind, Typepad, Wordpress, Squaresoft, Tumblr, Medium, Patreon, and Substack.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start blog writing themselves?

The basis of good writing is reading. So the first step is to find some collection of thinkers whose writing is meaningful to you, and then emulate what you find valuable there. Be persistent, but don't worry if you don't write everyday. We are the habits we develop, and that's true of habits of mind most of all.

Do you directly or indirectly generate income or plan on generating income through your writing?

Yes. My only work these days is writing, speaking, research and analysis work, and some advisory consulting. 

What is your tech stack?

Fairly basic. I already mentioned the dozens of blogging tools I've used. At present, that is limited to Substack and Tumblr, mostly. I promote on Twitter, and very occasionally repost on Medium and LinkedIn.

What should the Readory community be following from you next?

Work Futures is the central obsession for me these days, and I am working to transition from it being a community of interest centered on the Substack blog/newsletter, to growing it into a research and educational non-profit. Among other activities we'd lead research in the future of work, hold events, and coordinate with a network of affiliated researchers and practitioners. More to follow, on that front.

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Stowe Boyd
Critically acclaimed work ecologist and futurist. Currently lead @ WorkFutures, contributor at Wired and FastCompany.